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Friday, January 4, 2008

Website Traffic

Website Traffic
One way links
Every website owner knows that the Internet game is Traffic. No matter what kind of website you have you need to have traffic to your website in order to reach out and let people see what you have to offer. But when your website is a business website like Home business or affiliate programs, you must have traffic. It is be or not to be situation.

What are the sources of traffic?
1. Search engines. Search engines provide about 60% of the traffic to the most successful websites, it is free, targeted and last for long time. But you need to be indexed high in the search engines to obtain such traffic.
2. Websites linking to yours. When websites with subject like yours links back to your site it will give you good quality of targeted traffic and will help your site index high in the search engines.
3. E-mail marketing. You can send emails to people you know, people you have a permission to send them or paid Ezin emails.

In this article we will focus in the linking strategy. How to get one way links or reciprocal links back to your site and increase your PR on the search engines.
1. Submit your site to major directories, such as Yahoo! and, in the appropriate category. It will take some good time to do so but it will help you get better one way link back to your website. you can however use a software to easy fast submit to the directories such as Directory Submitter (free to download).Do not use a full automatic submission software.
I have this software; I used it and found it very useful. But the basic principle of how this software works made me develop a new strategy of submitting my website.
How it works. It is simply brows the internet with build in links to the directories directly to the submit form and with one click you can fill the form and submit. So know I have the RoboForm it is auto form fill software. Edit one Identity with your website information, in the custom field you have the field name ( that will appears on the website form) and the field value that you want to fill. The first call it URL put your URL the second make title the third description and keyword field. Know you need to visit the directories and submit your link. You can make a search and go one by one. We have arranged a webpage with a list of directories you can use we will be adding more and more to this list, so you can go here "Directories list" and submit your website to these directories one by one.
2. Article distribution. Write articles that is keyword rich and submit them to article directories. Use the same strategy we used before in the directories submission. This way we can use one software " RoboForm" to be as a directory submission and article submission software. It is easy fast and manual submission. We also arranged for you article directories list here "Article Directories". Do not forget to write a Bio info and put your link in the resource box.
Publish your own Blog, use Google Blogger and publish your articles on it. You can also hunt for sites that complement yours and ask them to publish your articles.
3. Be active on the net, participate in forums and post your link in the signature file. Forums are very powerful if you know how to use them. Be professional serious, stick to the rules and participate only with your niche forums; if your website about flowers it will not help you to participate in cars forums.
Read Blog posts and comment to them, Do not spam. Submit brief, useful hints to newsletters. Write testimonials or reviews for products you love. Companies often post testimonials on their site with a link to the submitting site.
4. You can also use social bookmarks sites. I do not use them but I know they will be great traffic source; if you are willing to give them some of your time.
Browse the internet and be open minded to learn and improve you strategies, some times you will get across on website that can give you Ideas on how to promote more effectively.
I wish I was helpful.

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