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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

New Mission

You're not too young or too old or too ANYTHING to have a mission.

Don't put it off — there's also not reason not to START NOW!

If you feel like you can't do enough so you won't do anything, YOU'RE WRONG!

As your mission grows, so will you and so will your capabilities to make a difference.
An important caution as you begin a journey to find and commit to a mission is: don't allow yourself to become discouraged! Stay relaxed about the subject and let your mind and open attitude help you find the solutions. You'll find answers coming to you from the most unlikely and unexpected places.
It's also important to be clear that the process of leadership and dedicating yourself to a mission will naturally require some level of personal sacrifice. There will be prices to pay for your success and self-satisfaction. Some days will be highly gratifying — others may just be difficult. You may also find yourself open to criticism from those who doubt you — or even those who envy you. Get ready! If you want to make the world a better place, get clear that big things can come from small beginnings!
When we draw a picture of what need to be done to reach the goal, we will be Frustrating; how would we do all of that work, some of it we do not even know how to do it.
Having a stable happy life with free time to enjoy it; with family and friends, plus good income that provide us with that time, is our goal.
How to do it?
Some of us will work more; extra hours will bring back extra money. But we needed the money to free time not vies versa. That’s wrong.
Having a business. That is the only "legal" solution.
And home based business is the ultimate solution. Small start up investment, small maintenance fee and good income.
Home based business on the net is very easy to establish, fast to run, cost almost nothing and very profitable when you correctly run it.
Now what you need to do to establish online home based business:
an online business is a website or web blog that earn money; so first you need to build a website. See to get a brief Idea of building the website.
Promoting affiliate programs products and services to earn commission on this website. you can develop your own products even your own affiliate program.
Promoting the website that is marketing the business. It is how to get much targeted traffic to your website. Traffic that some of them will be converted to customers.

When you look at these three steps together you will say:" OK. Number one could be done, number two is easy but number three…..will it is a problem. So… I think I couldn't do it. Thank you it was fun by by"
Wait not to fast. Do it one by one. It is easy to set back and do nothing, but it is more interesting more meaningful to challenge your self to better. When you will finish the first two steps you will feel great to acumplish that, the website that you have just finished is your creation you donot like it you love it. And you want the world to see it.
When it is done all your focus will go to step three, you will seek after any piece of information and knowledge on how to do it effectively; and you know what you will do it.

Big thinkers can literally change the world because they believe they can. That belief comes from a deep faith in themselves and others.
Planning time. To the best of your ability, plan for change and maximize your resources to lessen its effect. Stay informed and have regular planning sessions to manage changes that you foresee.
Develop patience. Even though things may be changing rapid-fire all around you, it may seem to take forever to get anything accomplished. Frustration is an easy outcome when things don't go as you expect or need them to. Give yourself credit for doing your best — taking small steady steps will ends up with crossing miles after miles.
Take the risk। When you strongly believe in some thing, go for it, don't let any thing hold you back even when it involve a risk and obstacles.

"Risk taking is an indispensable part of leadership. When we look at leaders who are making a difference, we see that they have the courage to begin, while others are waiting for a better time, a safer situation, or assured results."
-Sheila Murray

Try to look into the future and find yourself there, are satisfied of what you see? If yes you need to determine how you reach that place and began the march immediately। If no make the change today.

Good luck
Jossef sal
The Arabian Affiliate

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