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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Network Marketing Internet Systems

Network Marketing Internet Systems

The internet is now a vital tool in establishing yourself as an
expert within the network marketing industry. It's given people the
opportunity to connect and communicate with their audience like
never before.

Network marketing internet systems would involve blogs, websites,
email and informational reports. It now also involves making full
use of the Web 2.0 resources which have come into existence over
the last two years. Let's take a look at each of these and how they
can boost your prominence within the industry and enhance your lead
generation processes.


Blogs are almost the back bone of any network marketing internet
system. They are a fantastic way to relay information to potential
recruits. Done right, you can quickly establish a following within
the field provided your information is useful and targeted
towards helping people achieve what their looking for. They are a
great way to generate leads.

Sourcing Leads With Reports

Write a short report on any aspect of network marketing an offer it
free in exchange for a person's contact details. This is called an
opt in an can be generated from your blog. You want to make sure
the information contained within the report is valuable to the
reader and not just trash. Ideas for reports include lead
generation techniques or simply covering aspects of wealth

If someone likes what you write then there's every chance they'll
want to do business with you and this is just another way to build
relationships with prospects before they join your business.

Article Marketing

Writing articles for promotion within article directories are part
and parcel of any network marketing internet strategy today. Simply
research keywords within the industry and write articles based
around those words. You submit your article to an article directory
such as Ezine Articles or Go Articles and place a resource box at
the end with a link back to your blog.

Not only will you get link value but your article also gets picked
up by other webmasters if they find it interesting enough and is
placed on their sites as content.


When a person opts in to your mailing list they are placed into an
autoresponder. An autoresponder is an effective way to reach your
audience when you have information to convey to them. Information
such as tips and tricks to building wealth or again, on any aspect
of network marketing.

The information needs to be of value. Don't abuse this privilege by
seeing it as a chance to harass people into joining your business
as it's just going to portray you as a desperate marketer.

Web 2.0

Network marketing internet systems wouldn't be the same today
without some form of Web 2.0 marketing in your plans. Social
networking sites for promoting content are great avenues to get
links back to your blogs while sites such as Squidoo and Hub Pages
give you the option to relay more information about you and network

To your success,
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Make Money Online - Stay Away From Internet Scams

Author: Brian McCoy

Article: Do you dream of learning how to make money online and find a legitimate internet business to promote? In this article, you will receive some useful tips on how to avoid online scams and have success on the internet.

1. Uncover An Online Scam

Online scams try to get you to invest in something that is either dishonest, illegal, or both. Most of us have been down this road before. Scammers do a very good job of selling you on the fact that their product or service is legit. They try to get to you by any form that they can - email, text, or phone. They are very persuasive and do everything that they can to make you feel obligated to join them.

However, there are warning signs that you can be aware of to avoid being scammed. Thankfully, there are some simple steps that you can take to avoid disaster online.

2. Avoid Buying On Emotion

The best way to avoid being "taken for" online is by not jumping into any decision too quickly. If you make a business decision based on emotion, you are running the risk of being scammed online. Scammers love to back you into a corner and make you feel obligated to "join now". Take a step back and think about the decision that you are going to make for a day or two. Either it will still be a good decision after a few days or you might have just avoided an online disaster.

3. Get Educated

Take your decision making time seriously. Don't just sit back idly and contemplate your choices. Use your time to look into and investigate the program that you are interested in. You are likely to always find some dirt on any program. However, the good should outweigh the bad.

4. Get Someone's Advice

It is wise to seek the counsel of a trusted friend or family member. The financial future of you and your family is yours, but they may have some different views that you might have not considered. It is easy for people to be cynical as they have more than likely been scammed sometime in their life as well. Take their advise into consideration, but don't make your final decision based on their words.

5. Your Responsibility

Many people try to find all of the faults with a potential program to avoid an online scam. While there definitely are some, there are also a lot of great ways to make money online. It's time to select a program, work it hard, don't give up, and become the hero of your family's future.

About the Author: Brian McCoy is an industry leading internet marketer and President and CEO of McCoy Marketing Group. His goal is to develop leaders into full-time home business entrepreneurs. For a limited time, you can view tips on how to Make Money Online at his Abunza website.

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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Affiliate Marketing And Home Business

Affiliate Marketing And Home Business

Many of us dream of being our own bosses. The lure of big money and flexible work hours is quite attractive. However, many are afraid to venture out on their own. They fear that they do not have the capital required to get a business started or they don’t want to loose the security of their day job.

The solution could be starting a home business. The truth of the matter is that you can start your home business with no money at all. Ask yourself this, do you have a spare room or space in your house. Do you have a computer with an internet connection? Do you have a phone line? If you have these three things you have the essentials of an office from which your home business can be made.

Affiliate marketing can be a great way for you to get started in your home business. Affiliate marketing will provide you with the opportunity to sell either a product or a service. With low capital and little space you may want to concentrate on services.

Once you have made the decision, you need to evaluate your skills. What services can you offer and what skills can you bring. Many people start of with affiliate marketing programs from major search engines. If you’re good at website design, you could register your page with someone such as yahoo publisher. This way your site will get traffic with the help of the search engine Yahoo. If yours is a sales website, your traffic could translate into increased sales. The more exposure to your site the better.

The other thing you can try to do is attract traffic to other sites. Retail sites such as Amazon and EBay have affiliate marketing programs. If you can generate traffic and increase sales then you make money. Both programs offer ways to increase revenues through links and blogs. These are usually free and worth using. Remember, the more you make the more they make.

Finally, your site can make money in another way. When it is posted on sites such as yahoo publisher or Google ad sense, there will be ads placed. Whenever a visitor clicks on an ad you make money. The more clicks the more cash. The operators take care of all the advertising costs and placement. They also try to place appropriate ads to your page. If you’re selling rare books ads for fish food are not likely going to get clicked.

If you want to start working for yourself but feel you don’t have the money then you’re wrong. If you have a computer and space to put it then you have all you need. You can also start you home business and work it around your job. You can gradually commit more time as your home business grows.

If you’re tired of your job and really want to work for yourself then stop making excuses and do it. Though affiliate marketing programs and selling services you will find that having your home business is easier than you think. All it takes is time and a commitment to succeed. By taking advanantage of the affiliate marketing programs that are currently available, you can make money and improve your own marketing skills. Remember, you can always expand into other areas and venture out totally on your own later. Right now, get marketing and get clicking.

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