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Friday, August 29, 2008

Affiliate marketing is a science

Affiliate marketing is a science

It is.

I can say I am good with affiliate marketing, I have some good success on making money online with affiliate marketing, I am more than 3 years in this field with 5 complete websites and some other website that is only a land page to PreSell some affiliate product.

Two of my websites have a good ranking in google and showing in the #1 position for some search terms. I have learned as I can about affiliate marketing and let me notice here that some of the information I get in the hardest way you can get.

In the last months I focused all my efforts in link building and SEO, you know, after you see your website in the #1 position in the SERP for one term you want more and began another SEO campaign. I did very well I can say but the process cost my too much money and also my affiliate earning dropped by more than 50%. And it was too much for me.

I have two mentors in this business, M.G and E.C (I did not get their permission to add their names here so I will go with the initials), E.C has a 7$ million a year business and most of his profits came from Pay-Per-Sale (PPS) commission. In the other hand M.G has more the 18$million a year and growing very fast business, his most money are earned through 2 tier affiliates and MLM, he is the master in MLM.

So what happens to me was my PPS was dropping down and it reached the last month 229$ only while my commission from MLM and 2tier affiliates were the same, I knew then that focusing all your work on one element will hurt your business. Building a residual income with MLM is like building a safty net for me, but I needed the PPS commission to cover my business cost and keep my monthly income as high as I had adjusted to.

So I contacted E.C asking him for some rescue and fast. He replied fast with a very nice e-mail, here is the most important part of it

Here he talked about sending some offers to my list fast but..

"you know that the effect of e-mail marketing is changing and probably most of your subscribers are subscribed with another list, and they are receiving the same offers from you, me and all the other affiliate marketers out there, remember the "Traffic Secrets 2.0" offer.

I have a better solution, find some great products in ClickBank and build an AdWard campaign to sell them, I can give you more details of how to effectively do it but there is a course that will launch very soon in 27th of this month, it really a great course built by Tim Godfrey and Steven Clayton, they had asked me to see it for a testimonial and it is great, Steven knows to much about PPC strategies and tricks, he is the number one in this field with no competition at all.

Until they launch the course go build some PPC campaigns to sell click bank products, and in 27th of the month go to

Download the course and see how easy you can rebuild your PPS up again.

I did and I was shucked totally shucked of the information presented on the course, I know Steven Clayton and I know how crazy he is, I never thought he will share this knowledge, I am a member of his membership site and he always give as pieces of information, trick her and trick their, how to make a 200$ in one hour way. But he never showed as exactly how he build his 2$million business. And here he is giving all his tricks and formulas in one course. Honestly he always over deliver that's Steven. I hope he will stop selling this course soon as he promised, we do not need too much competition over these money making methods.

Now here is what I really want to point out here, no matter what knowledge you have (or you think you have) you need to learn more look for great sources of information related to your business. And more important try to put your knowledge into action this way you will see the deference between knowing and doing. When you know how to do, does not mean you can do.

I know for example how to make a keyword research, with out any tool, but when I saw Steven doing it, step by step, I realized that my information is useless and I was doing it all wrong.

If you want to grow your business you need to find who is the best in this business and learn from him, that i learned from my friend E.C. he know how to build product and how to sell his products, he even has his own e-book about "how to make money with ClickBank". But when I asked him for help he suggested Steven course, not his own e-book, because he want me to learn from the best.

So thank you E.C

Thank you Steven and Tim

And thank you for reading this short report.

I really recommend to go check out this course, but make it fast

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I can build your online home business for free

ProfitMatic is proven it self as the leading MLM program for the year 2008, My sponsor Mike G is still number one, of MLM marketers and he still believe in Profit matic and MyWorld Plus to be the huge success of 2008,2009.
Maybe you look at ProfitMatic as a money making program only, because you are new to internet business. But let me tell you one thing. ProfitMatic has a fantastic product. With this product you can easily build your website. With out learning HTML, you can build forms, banners, menus, and buttons. You can easily cloak your affiliate links and so on.
It is so easy that you will love it and want to build more and more.
My last website (by the way they will register your first domain name for free, and the hosting is also free)
this website is in the process it is not finished yet, and It is listed in yahoo, google and I have about 50 visits each day, this website is much like my main website which shows in the google first results page for some keywords. And it is my main income source, and it is the way you knew about ProfitMatic.
I was in your position one day when I began to get e-mails from Mike G about ProfitMatic and MyWorldPlus and I thought Ok. He want me to join because he will earn a commission, I will pay money and he will earn money, that's mean I am the one who is losing money here. That is the truth, Yes But that is the Idea of making money online. And when I found out that Mike's business is making more than 18$ million a year. I new that I want to be part of this system, And I thank GOD every day now.
Here is the same chance for you to be part of the system. There are always people losing money and others making money and believe it or not the choice where to be it up to you. Some of us call it taking the risk, I don't see any risk.
I now have 4 websites and I will have one each 2 months, because that is the fastest way to make money, a lot of money, on the internet.
You may already know webmasters who make hundreds of thousands from google AdSense a lone and there are so many ways to make more than that. You only need to have a website and learn how to build it the right way and how to promote it the right way. And if you are ready to take the first step I promise I will make it easier for you to go on.
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Build your website for you.
I will submit your website to the search engines
I will build 200 back links to your website
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Teach you exactly how to build more and more pages.
I will show you how to make money from other Free programs.
I will build you deferent income streams from your website.
Teach you exactly how to promote your website free and effective.
I will show you how to get members in your down line and make money from Profitmatic.
And all that I will do free, because your success will make me more and more money.
And soon you will be in my position to begin doing the same to your members.
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