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Friday, January 23, 2009

Online Lead Generation Ideas For Your Home Business

Online lead generation has proven itself to be an effective strategy for both large and small businesses alike.  Online lead generation provides a list of potential customers and businesses do not have to spend a lot of money or resources to get them.  While some business often hire companies to get their leads for them, online lead generation can be done without them.  The following is some information to help your create an online lead generation strategy for your business.


Before you start marketing your online lead generation campaign, get things ready at your website.  Create a landing page that will guide the viewer through the process of providing their information to you.  Your web pages should be easy to navigate and easy to read.  While you are giving your website an overhaul, make sure you are using search engine optimization on your pages to make it rank higher with the search engines.


Get creative with your online lead generation.  Make a video tape of a presentation about your business.  In your presentation, go over the services and products you provide.  Make certain the presentation simply highlights what you have to offer as you want the customer coming back for more.  Place the video on your website and have viewers input their information in an online form before they get access to your video.  What most business owners fail at with their online lead generation campaign is creativity.  By offering something different on your website, you will stand out from your competitors. 


If you want the quickest way to get the best results with your online lead generation campaign, offer something free to buyers who fill out the information request form.  Everyone likes free stuff.  What you choose to give away depends upon the type of business you have.  Some popular items to give away tend to be ebooks, a free consultation, or even free advertising.  All they need to do is sign up to win.  You get their information and they get something free.  Every few months, start a new campaign with a new freebie and you may be surprised at how well your online lead generation grows. 


Another marketing strategy for online lead generation that is becoming more popular with online businesses is the creation of a discussion forum on your website.  Users will need to input their information before they are allowed to post in the discussion forum  and you get a lead.  The user gets to read and participate in discussions about your business topic.  It is also a great tool to get feedback from your current and potential customers. 


The successful business owner understands they must have an online lead generation campaign in order for their business to survive in today’s economy.  As a business owner, you need to stand up and take charge of promoting your business.  Online lead generation is a method that works for many and with the right attitude and the right motivation, you will soon find your business with more prospective customers than you can keep up with. 

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