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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Bottom Line on Work from Home Opportunities for Nurses

Working at home when you are a nurse may seem like an impossible option, but you will be surprised to know that there are actually quite a few legitimate opportunities for nurses in the work at home job market.  Additionally, nursing is one industry where work at home scams are greatly minimized and easily avoidable, so if you are interested in work from home opportunities for nurses then you have a great chance of finding something good.


Types of Opportunities


You may wonder just what type of job a nurse can get that allows him or her to work from home.  There are actually a few different jobs. 


-      on call scheduler

-      hotline worker

-      billing/coding/transcription


An on call scheduler basically is like a manager position.  You are responsible for scheduling nurses and making sure shifts are covered.  You will have to be on call, meaning that you will need to be available at all times in case someone can not make it to work and you will need to find a replacement.


A hotline worker basically answers incoming calls to answer simple medical questions.  You will usually have a set schedule.


Billing, coding and transcription jobs all involve paperwork and typing.  You download information, fill out forms and then send the work back to the employer.  Sometimes you may have set hours and other times you may be able to work on your own schedule.


Documentation Required


All legitimate nursing jobs will require documentation.  They will want proof of your training and experience.  Most of these jobs are not for the entry level nurse.  They will want experience in the field for at least two or more years.


You will not be able to simply hand them a resume and assume they will believe you.  They will check everything you tell them, so always be honest or you will not get the job.


Most job postings are very specific as to the requirements for the job.  Do not waste your time applying for a job where you do not fit the credentials.  This is a highly competitive industry and you may feel you need to apply to every job, but when you apply for something you are qualified for it just slows things down and wastes time.


Find a Good Job


If you are serious about work from home opportunities for nurses then you can begin your search with current and past employers.  They may be the best place to find a good job.

You can also network online to find out if there is anything out there that might be of interest to you.  Make sure to check out all companies and only use trusted resources to find your leads.


Getting a nursing position where you can work at home is not for everyone.  If you enjoy the patient interaction and the technical side of nursing then it probably won’t work for you.  However, if you enjoy dealing with paperwork and handling questions then it may be the ideal situation for you, especially if you want to be able to work from the comfort of your own home.


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