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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

free downloads

As an affiliate and a new to home based business you will go left to right and right to left to find some free good tools, internet marketing tools, to help you market and manage your business.
We all hate to spend money on internet business before we see the profit from this business.
When people talk about investment and the ROI (Return Of Investment) we ran a way. We are building an internet business so we can build a free business that can give as a huge income, there is some thing wrong with that concept and we know it. So what kind of tools we need for Internet business.
1. You need to monitor your website, its performance, how your website advance in ranking. And for that I suggest you have an account with google, and using it's free webmasters tools.
2. Internet base E-mail, like yahoo and gmail. I know most of you have a domain name and pop mail account in your hosting. But still I recommend using the web based e-mail accounts. Also redirect your pop e-mail to this free account. It is safer and you can access from everywhere.
3. Marketing tools. The free internet marketing strategies you are using, request software to automate them and make them faster. The most powerful marketing strategies are: article marketing and videos. And for both you need software to make the work faster, easier and efficient.
You can find your wanted tools for free on the net, but does the free version of the software really helps, does it do exactly what we need it to do. Why do you think the owner of the software gives you a free version? He loves helping others? He has too much money and don't want any more? No comments..

If you really want to make money from your website, don't be afraid from investing in some tools to help you up. Yes I always recommend downloading a free trail downloads only to check out the performance of the software, the features and to see if it is what I need. When I pay for a product I need to see it first, and be sure it is what I need, not want, need. People love to buy what they want, but in business you want to buy what you need.

In the arabian-affiliate website I have put to you some of the best free downloads and tools "Free-downloads" section and "affiliate-products" section. I have also arranged lists of website directories and article directories. To help you market your website. I also did not do that only to help you, but also to have a valuable website that is worth visit and see the offers I have in it.

I want to end this article with these words written by RickBeneteau

"It takes many inches to make a mile. We can only move by inches, one inch at a time. It's when we look miles ahead and wonder "how are we going to get so far?" that we fail to move forward at all. We can choose to live life fully focused on the moment at hand and live happily, making great progress, moving by inches. Or, we can keep staring "in the rear view mirror", stuck with thoughts of what could have been, instead of what can now be. Most important, we must always keep in mind that anytime we suffer a setback while moving forward, it will always be just a matter of inches, never miles.."

jossef salman
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