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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Biggest Mistake People make in Working at Home

There are plenty of ways a person can go wrong when working at home, but the biggest mistake is, arguably, not taking their role seriously.  Many times people will not think of their work at home job as a real job.  They will simply think of it as something they do to earn some money.
This is a very bad way of thinking and can lead to disastrous results.  Not being serious about your work at home job will lead you right down the path to failure.  Additionally, you will never be able to be successful and make your job work if you are not really thinking of it as a job.
Seriously Serious
It is very easy to not take a work at home job seriously.  You do not have to get dressed up or even get dressed to work at home.  You are not traveling to your job and spending a set amount of hours working.  It is just different.  It is more laid back and less stressful.  You are in control and you can make the decision to work or not to work. 
It is very easy to slip into the mindset of lazing around and doing nothing.  This gives off the idea to others that your work at home job was just an excuse to sit at home on your rump.  This can make taking it seriously or getting others to take it seriously difficult.
Effects on your Work
As mentioned when you do not take your work at home job seriously, others will not either.  You may find it is hard to get things done because people will think you are messing around and not let you work.  They will think nothing of interrupting you. Another issue with not taking your work at home job seriously is that you may not show up for work when you should or you may not meet a deadline.  Eventually your employer will let you go.  You may end up finding it difficult to actually get work to do.
Fixing your Attitude
It is imperative that you fix your attitude about working at home.  You have to take it seriously if you ever want to succeed.  If you do not then you will quickly find yourself having problems and eventually your work at home job will be no more.
To fix your attitude you just have to get professional.  Start setting work hours and stay dedicated to working those hours.  Tell others about your job and be sure to refer to it as your job. 
Be serious when you talk about your job.  Try telling others how well you are doing in your job and how much you like working at home.  Explain to them about the challenges.  Getting others to respect your job as a real job will help you to do the same.
Getting serious about your work at home job and treating like a real job is your only way to succeed in working at home.
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