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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Write your Way to Work at Home Jobs

There are many types of work at home jobs.  One of the most popular work at home jobs is writing.  Writing jobs have many benefits and the industry is quite easy to break into.  When you are searching for a work at home job you should consider a writing job.


About Writing Jobs


Work at home writing jobs come in many forms.  Your can find your own clients or work for a company.  Some companies have a website set up where you o in and choose assignments.  Other companies work through email where they send you offers and you accept or reject them.


You will probably be writing mostly keyword articles.  Keyword articles are article revolving around a keyword and they are used for search engine optimization of websites.  You may also write blogs, reports and ebooks.  There is a wide range of topics and types of information you can write about.


Getting Started


Before you can get a writing job you will need to get prepared.  You will need a resume and a portfolio.


Your writing resume needs to highlight your writing skills.  It is very, very important to proofread your resume.  Any mistake in grammar, spelling or set up can cost you a job.  Someone hiring a writer will not take kindly to mistakes on a resume, so check and recheck before you start submitting it.


Your portfolio needs to be varied.  You should have some pieces that are 400 words in length, which is the standard length for website content and then some longer pieces.  You should also write a piece on every topic you feel you are an expert in so you can submit them to show your expertise.  You should also have different types of pieces.  You may want to use different formats and styles to show how varied your writing style is because variety is key in online writing.


Making It a Job


Writing can sometimes be difficult to turn into a job because it can be unreliable.  Finding steady work may be difficult.  The best way to make writing a full time, steady job is to work for a few different companies.


Doing this, though, requires you to be very organized.  You will need to keep a schedule and you will need to be careful when accepting jobs so you ensure you have enough time to complete each job for each client.  You will also have to stay organized so you can keep guidelines straight for each client.


With proper organization and networking, though, you should be able to build up a client base that allows you to work steadily and make a pretty reliable income.


Work at home writing jobs are a great choice if you have the skills and abilities for the job.  They have a lot of flexibility and freedom, but require a lot of dedication and professionalism to succeed.  If you can handle a writing work at home job then you will find yourself n the road to a successful work at home career.

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