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Sunday, March 16, 2008

We put your web site at the very 1st result on Google & Yahoo for free

I have come across this search engines submission service that will submit a website for 40 search engines it is free, but it is not the issue here:
They clime that they will make the website appear in the first results page for 5 search terms you use. They however say that they will "actively auto-variable and manipulate duplicated keywords". They are giving a dead line for only the last of this month, after that they will charge for that service. They seemed like confident they can do what they say, and after 120 day from your submission you will see your website appears in the first results. And then they will ask you to pay them, to stay their.
You know if they can do that I am welling to pay them as much as they ask.
I do not believe it, but since it is free to try so why not, let's see.
Click here to visit their website
Here what they offer:

We put your web site at the very 1st result on Google & Yahoo and the other 38 TOP search engines for the 5 keywords above in 120 days for FREE. Then when you see the money and results flooding in you will bid to keep the position. If you don't bid your site will drop extremely fast right back to where it started from within 14 days (usually 7 days). Successfull bids are on average ONLY 10% of YOUR net profit (that is the profit you end up with after paying tax and expenses etc.). You can offset bidding by earning credits from introducing clients and affiliates into our service. We GUARANTEE our service. YOU test our service before you start bidding. If 1on40 does not get you to 1st result on 40 TOP search engines to include Google and Yahoo we will not ask you to bid. YOU only bid when you are NUMBER ONE!

We will NOT ask you for any sort of payment until you see your web site NUMBER ONE on the TOP 40 search engines to include Google and Yahoo for all 5 keywords you have ordered.

We will actively auto-variable and manipulate duplicated keywords if they've already been snapped up by another client/your competition to give you the best possible results which is ALWAYS the 1st result and HUGE amounts of relevant targeted traffic that will buy from your site or join you. You can even refer people/affiliates/other site owners from the same type of business as you. Everyone gets their site listed as the 1st result for their 5 keywords on Google, Yahoo and 38 other TOP search engines. Affiliates, agents, networkers - If you have a web site that is a mirror site for the business opportunity you work for we can send it to NUMBER ONE, just make sure you GET IN first then refer YOUR down line. The best keywords are reserved for YOU. YOUR down line will be allocated different keyword variables and/or phrases to ensure everyone gets sales but YOU keep the keywords you choose. Submit now to beat YOUR competition and maximise your SUCCESS.
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