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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Difference Between An Affiliate & Super Affiliate

Difference Between An Affiliate & Super Affiliate

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Super Affiliate! Corny, but "super
affiliate" is the new buzzword for affiliates who are both ambitious and
successful at affiliate marketing. There are wild claims online about
affiliate marketing: Make Millions Overnight! Never Work Again!
Unfortunately, these claims are usually false. To go from being a plain
affiliate to super affiliate takes a lot of work. In short, you need to be
an affiliate of steel.

The vast majority of affiliate marketing sites online are run by people
who have no great interest in turning a huge profit. For example, you'll
find thousands of blogs where people put up a few Amazon listings and/or
Google links on the off chance that a passing browser will click on them.
That's all well and good, but this is no way to make a dent in the
affiliate marketing game. To be a super affiliate, you need to treat
affiliate marketing as a job, not just something that you do on the side
to put a couple of bucks in your pocket.

There is a misconception that affiliate marketing is not a real
business. After all, the affiliate is not putting out a product. This is
patently false. Even though an affiliate marketer is not manufacturing a
product, he or she is still offering the product up for sale. An affiliate
marketer still needs to be in charge of search engine optimization, custom
content, quality web design, financial management, and everything else
that goes into running a successful e-business. As with any business, an
affiliate marketing plan is only as strong as the amount of work you put
into it.

A super affiliate will be able to turn as hefty a profit as a standard
business-several sales a day on a number of different fronts. Remember,
successful affiliate marketers don't necessarily stop at one site. They
set up a variety of affiliate sites with a good web address, quality web
design, and lucrative affiliate marketing opportunities. Additionally,
once you start selling at an accelerated rate, some affiliate programs
will promote you from regular affiliate to super affiliate. If you start
sending sales and traffic to a business, they will reward you with better
terms. Some affiliate programs will also provide you with a complete
e-business website such as the HerbalBiz, not an affiliate link.

This isn't an easy proposition, but it is possible. Make sure that an
affiliate program has a corresponding super affiliate program in
place-better terms for more sales. Even if they don't, an affiliate with
good terms up front can really pay off if you're able to make a several
sales a month.

Affiliate programs with great terms
are also sometimes referred to as
super affiliates. Find these and you know you'll have a good marketing in
place at the start.

How To Become An Affiliate

Becoming an affiliate is one of the easiest business
propositions out there, which is why it is so quickly gaining in
popularity. Businesses want to have as many affiliate marketers working
for them as possible, after all, it's really just a form of free
advertising. For this reasons, businesses make it very easy to sign up for
an affiliate program.

Find a program, sign up for free, and just like that
you're an affiliate. The most important part of affiliate marketing boils
down to one word: relevancy. In order to be a successful affiliate, you
need to choose partnership programs that correspond to the nature of your
affiliate site. So if you are running a travel affiliate site, link to
affiliate sites for airfare, travel packages, clothing, and other relevant

Linking to a pet product affiliate doesn't make so much sense. This
is core to why experienced affiliate marketers will have a stable of
sites. They'll have their travel hub, pet hub, book hub, and so on. Some
affiliate marketing links will cross over, for instance, everyone needs
credit cards and even airfare deals could find a home on a pet site. The
basic rule of thumb is that affiliate links should be on topic. If you're
just starting out, one method to starting an affiliate site is to thumb
through affiliate marketing directories and see what affiliate marketing
programs interest you:

do they offer a good product, do they have good
terms, do they have a good rating? You could then design your website
around a particular type of product based on the affiliate program you
have found in an affiliate directory. If you already have a running
website, check directories for new affiliate marketing programs that
correspond to the site. At times, less is more. There are literally
hundreds of affiliate deals out there with good terms and a good product.
Don't just cram hundreds of links onto one page. Your affiliate links
should be easy to read and access, and they should be organic: they should
appear to be a part of the site, rather than an obvious moneymaking

The more relevant these affiliate sites are to the main theme of the site, the more likely it is web surfers will click on the link and make a purchase.

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