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Monday, February 16, 2009

Work at Home and Go Green?

Nowadays there is so much talk about going green and doing what is best for the environment. Many people are looking into working from home as a way to help achieve this goal. Many companies are thinking that if they reduce employee travel by having them work from home this will conserve energy. Companies that are using this type of forward thinking are really the ones that are leading the way. Going virtual saves the environment in so many ways, but the biggest way that comes to mind is the savings that there is on travel and gas.
Of course if you work for a company that wouldn't think of going virtual then you don't have to fret. If you are really serious about trying working at home, whether it be for the green reasons of the environment or for the green of money, you can try to find a company on the net that will work you. It is getting easier and easier to find work from home. However, many people will try and see if their existing company will go that route before making a total jump of ship. Explaining to your company all of the savings that they could be getting by letting employees work at home might be a good way to entice them into it. There are still some companies that might not even have considered utilizing telecommuters yet. Putting together a solid proposal on all the pros and cons just might sell them.
If you try that route and get nowhere then  you might want to start looking on your own for a wah job. Possibly, you wouldn't want to just give notice at your old job until you have secured at least a part time position on line. That really depends on the individual and their money situation and how fed up they are with things in their working life. The good news is that there are plenty of work at home opportunities incorporating every skill set out there. So with enough perseverance and time anyone should be able to find a work from home job.
For the truly ambitions and motivated there is always the concept of starting your own business. Now this is much more work because you are the one that determines your own salary. You are the owner and have all of the costs and responsibility, it is totally different from working for a company where you collect a paycheck at the end of the week or the end of the month. Again, this would have to be something that would be taken into serious consideration and planning. Most people wouldn't just jump into this option anyway, they would have already had an inkling that they wanted to start a business. While starting a business on the Internet might be easier and have less start up costs than and outside the home business, it is still a business. It is going to take a lot of hard work and determination to be successful.
Whichever way you go, work at home job or work at home business, the good part is that you can know you are helping to reduce your environmental footprint. Even if it's only a little here and there anything that anyone does to try and help the earth and stop pollution is a help. Therefore, if by working at home you even save 5 gallons of oil or gas a week that is a help. Consider how that number would really effect the earth if you could multiply it exponentially by more and more home workers
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