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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Ten Fun Ways of Making Money

In today's poor economy, everyone is feeling the pinch on their wallet.  But before you get that second job, try one of these ten fun ways of making money!  This list might not be comprehensive, but should provide you with a few ideas to get your creative and entrepreneurial juices flowing.


First, try having a yard sale.  This opportunity to make some quick cash carries wit it the added benefit of organizing your house.  Yard sales are excellent opportunities to get rid of old items you no longer use and to turn those items into quick cash.  TVs, fitness equipment, and home décor items are big draws for yard sales.


Second, everyone has heard those commercials for used gold buyers.  Try gathering your old jewelry and taking inventory of what you wear and what you might discard.  Be sure to research the company you utilize to buy your gold to ensure you get proper and timely payment.


Third, collect aluminum cans.  If you are a pop drinker, this activity might require less work than you think.  Additionally, this way of making money benefit6s the environment through recycling and less land fill waste.


Fourth, sell those collectibles currently collecting dust on your bookshelves on an auction site!  A little research on an auction site might provide clues to the worth of your items.


Fifth, become a makeup artist and salesperson.  If you enjoy talking to people and throwing small parties, this might be an excellent and one of the most fun ways of making money.


Sixth, adult networking sites or telephone centers can provide an entertaining and lucrative way to bring in extra cash.  Dating sites and escort sites provide legitimate opportunities to meet new people and make money in the process.


Seventh, evaluate your bills and find those services that would provide you with a finder's or referral fee.  These incentives can really add up if you have friends who would be willing to switch to your cable or cellular provider.  Often, these rewards go unclaimed, so be aware of the hidden ways you could make money from your current services.


Eighth, consider flipping houses.  If you have a lot of extra money and some free time, this activity can quickly escalate from a hobby to a full career.  Many people fully support themselves with this activity.


Ninth,  plasma donation centers offer a unique way to make some quick cash while providing an invaluable service to individuals who might be in a critical health emergencies.  Plasma donation centers will pay you for donating plasma, the liquid part of your blood that cells are suspended in.  This liquid is essential to many different kinds of patients in the hospital, but especially to burn victims.


And tenth, why not consider starting your own online home business?  The first nine ways of making money would work, but an online home business offers a fun opportunity to make money that is secure, long lasting, and an exciting career.

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